Media Placement

Our Media Placement

A high technology media for your advertising. LED Display is the most awareness for traffic nowadays.

It’s the premium selection for your spread branding, LED Display supports animation, making your brand or product even closer to it’s audience. Be it a 3 dimensional animation or simply a video of your 30 second advertising, surely LED Display catches traffic either indoor and outdoor spaces. Usually, LED Display is installed in a crowded traffic junction to grab as many attention as it gets.

Unlike other advertising media such as billboards, neon box, neon sign and so on, Baliho gives the best practice in economic price. Using usually bamboo as its structure, ropes and there you have a Baliho. For a permanent Baliho, steel structures are used instead of the bamboo.

Nevertheless, quality may have the most important factor here, the printing, fabrication of the structure, strength and precision are needed to make a perfect Baliho. Not to mention the location, usually positioned in secondary roads, to support spreading of your brand.

A bus shelter is a very comfortable media for advertisers to grab attention from their target audiences. Not only from bus passengers, yet all the street users and surroundings are also becoming its audience.

Having it said, bus shelters are very friendly for any creative brief. Name it back-lighted to custom shaped media, a bus shelter can carry any of them all the way.

Billboard conventional located strategically on high traffic areas, highways, expressways or principal arterials and generally on the side roads. The aim to grab memorable impression very quickly because the audience driving fast. That’s why the location takes important role, it should look in the centre and eye level to get maximum impacts.

Pedestrian Bridge stands for its name. Not just used for public crossings, a pedestrian bridge often used for high traffic billboard advertising. Located primarily on major highways, expressways or principal arterial, shopping centers and educational, it attracts high-density consumer exposure (mostly to vehicular traffic) and also the pedestrians themselves.

Neon Box may increase your advertising attention through night and day. Using natural light at day, and inner lighted by night. Capturing traffic from streets and surroundings with fairly illuminated from edge to edge of your space.

Neon Box is surely helpful for night time advertising in heavy graphic style, which can intensify the awareness for your brand/product.

A good quality signage that is affordable, a signage that will give you the most value, not only we produce your Shop Sign in high quality control, we offer suggestions and consultation for best practice of the sign itself.

Bando is a typical outdoor advertising installed in high traffic areas such as crossings of busy straight roads. Bando presents large advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers, and is highly visible in top selected market areas.

Usually we also put local cultural design into the Bando, to enhance the look of it.