About Us

Something Historical

Since now the competition turns to be more challenging and tighter especially in the globalization era, all companies need to establish bright marketing. Hereby Devis Jaya co. will help the clients to reach it through an effective, efficient outdoor and indoor media. In our company our clients will also find many best spots in downtown or heart of a city.

In the early of August 1981, in Bandar Lampung Devis Jaya co. started its outdoor and indoor advertising business and through experience and credibility of us, our company grows rapidly.

In 2007, Devis Jaya co. has over 600 eye-catching and strategic outdoor medias in Sumatra and Java island. Recently our head office is based in Jakarta and branch offices are based in Bandar Lampung, Palembang, Jambi, Bengkulu, Lubuk Linggau and Medan. Our objective to open branch offices is to optimize our service to the clients.

Something Profesional

Producing the best quality may take a serious engineering in overall manufacture – we’ve done that. We looked further more on the material usage. High Technology and yet still improved outdoor and indoor material such as electronic media and led light are also our assets to be the best in quality.

Our Vision

To be a competitive and professional company in the advertising business, to fulfill national outdoor and indoor media needs in Indonesia.

Our Mission

  • To spread our wings across Indonesia.
  • To provide products and services with quality.
  • To be a solution partner for our customer.

Industries served

Food and Baverage:

Brands & Clients

Our Branches

We offer You not only good but premium locations for Your advertising needs. From billboards beside the main road to the pedestrian bridges across the highways, attracting more of your target audiences’s attention in the crowded traffic.

Jl. Cipto Mangunkusumo No. 14 B
Bandar Lampung 35214
P : (0721) 488 201-02
F : (0721) 487 977

Jl. Tanjung Harapan, Lr Asoka No. 261
Kel. Sialang Sako, Palembang
Sumatera Selatan
P : (0711) 812 364

Jl. M. Yusuf Nasri No.04
Kel. Wijaya Pura, Kec. Jambi Selatan
Jambi 36131
P : (0741) 25222

Jl. Merapi Raya RT. 005/01
No.22 Kebun Tebeng
Bengkulu 38227
P : (0736) 341 720

Jl. Nangka No. 20 RT. 07
Kel. Ponorogo
Kec. Lubuk Linggau Utara 2
Lubuk Linggau

Jl. Persatuan No. 16 Kel. Sei Agul
Kec. Medan Barat
Medan 20117
Sumatera Utara
P/F : (061) 662 0612

Our Coverage

Devis Jaya has expanded its network in Indonesia since 2007, with coverage area that extends from Sumatera, DKI Jakarta, West Java to national wide. Currently there are more than 600 sites places throughout major cities and sub-urban cities.