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In 2020, Devis Advertising has over 1’000 eye-catching and strategic outdoor medias in nationalwide Indonesia together along with our key partners.
Devis Advertising more dominate in Sumatra Island and Greater Jakarta Area (Jabodetabek)

Recently our head office is based in Jakarta and branch offices are based in Bandar Lampung, Palembang, Jambi, Bengkulu, Medan, Lubuklinggau and Cilegon. Our objective to open branch offices is to optimize our service to the clients.

We Can Do It

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Our Vision

World class strategic partner for professional and premium branding

Our Mission

Doing training to produce quality and dedicated Human Capital
Build togetherness for well-being and loyality for all stakeholder
Build wide and strong network for creating acurate and trustable database
Doing continuous innovation for strengthen competitive skill in global market

Something Better

Since now the competition turns to be more challenging and tighter especially in the globalization era,
all companies need to establish bright marketing.
Hereby Devis Advertising will help the clients to reach it through an effective, efficient outdoor and indoor media.
In our company our clients will also find many best spots in downtown or heart of a city.
Back in the early of August 1981, in Bandar Lampung, Devis Advertising started its outdoor and indoor advertising business and through experience and credibility of us, our company grows rapidly.

Let Us Help You

Something Excellent

We take it more serious when it comes with quality.
Clients trust is our treasure, and we are serious when it comes to quality – whether products and services.
And its our everyday-goal to help our clients reaching their audience through our clean and perfect touch of manufacture and assembling.

Professionally in time management is our main principal to indulge our clients. And giving the strategic placement for the media of our clients is also paramount to honor their investment.

Something Innovate

Producing the best quality may take a serious engineering in overall manufacture – we’ve done that. We looked further more on the material usage.

High technology and yet still improved outdoor and indoor material such as stainless steel and neon lamps are also our assets to be the best in quality.

“With Devis Jaya Advertising believe that it’s going to be the next step towards bright marketing”.. Charles
(GM Marketing Communication – PT. Excelcomindo Pratama / XL )

Something Complete

We offer you a complete product range for a wide-range advertising needs in every business aspect, comprehensive in below the line media. From advertising media to enviromental ambience, we provide also special request media production for your flexibility advertising concept.

Something Special

As the city becomes more and more crowded, outdoor and sometimes indoor advertising has more and more important space in the marketing and promotion department of a company.

Therefore, Devis Jaya is here to provide clients alternative strategic spots especially for billboards. Extensive coverage area from regional Sumatera and Java island to the national range in Indonesia, from the urban area, shopping mall, junctions, highway,airport, and seaport, etc. And we could also acquire a strategic spot that clients might looking for.

Something Growing

Devis Jaya has expanded its network in Indonesia for more than 10 years, and currently there are 1’000 sites placed throughout major cities and sub-urban cities.

Our Projects

Here are our wide selection of projects

Our Point of Locations

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